The Peace-of-Mind App for Families

Track, remind, share, chat and observe your loved one's daily routine.

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Whether you’re remotely caring for an aging family member, or a teen with a smartphone, we’ll help you stay connected.

My Medications - Lists and Reminders

Always have a list of medications, dosages, and schedules with you. Receive reminders, record doses taken, and track adherence progress over time.

My Schedule / Calendar

Keep track of medical appointments, therapy sessions, and prescription refills. Sync events with other calendars, and share access with others, too.

My Friends / Contacts

Organize and share important contacts, numbers, and emails—including doctors, pharmacies, insurance providers, and home care agency or professional caregiver.

My Activity / Wellness

When your loved one wears a simple device like a Fitbit Charge HR™, you can see their heart rate, hourly activity, and steps taken in a day. No complicated or clunky household devices required for monitoring.


When your loved one hits the SEND HELP button, a message goes out to all of his/her designated contacts to let them know communication and help is needed.

Secure Private Chat

Chat and share access to important info with others to make sure you have backup in case of an emergency. Chat with your loved one or chat only with family members in "groups".

My Location

As long as your smartphone has GPS enabled, ObservaCare will show you (the caregiver) where your loved one is at all times. 

Your Information is Private

We take your privacy seriously. Your information is never shared with, or sold to third parties. Read our Privacy Policy for more information.